Archway Products Ltd are very proud to announce that the team has successfully achieved “Safe-T-Cert” certification this September. In order to achieve certification Archway Products Ltd went through a detailed certification audit to demonstrate that we have a robust health and safety management system in place. The audit itself entailed a thorough examination of the company’s safety and health documentation and procedures together with interviews with the team and site inspections.

Archway Products regard Health & Safety as our number one priority. The Safe-T-Cert process provides us with a framework to ensure continuous assessment and improvement of our safety systems. It demonstrates to both our clients and our employees that we are fully committed to ensuring a safe working environment. This certification of our Safety Management Systems demonstrates the company’s commitment to health and safety and its on-going focus in ensuring a safe workplace.

We are delighted to have been awarded this certification as it carries with it the following credentials for our team and our customers:

• Certification demonstrates real commitment to health and safety risk management.
• Certification demonstrates commitment to the wellbeing of the workforce.
• Safe-T-Cert certification provides contractors with third party recognition which can be submitted for pre-qualification and selection procedures.
• Safe-T certification is a construction sector specific management system accreditation suitable for contractors and sub-contractors large and small.
• It illustrates that we meet the safety criteria set down by Department of Finance for public procurement purposes in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
• It is approved for UK procurement process under SSIP (Safety Scheme in Procurement). (Conditions Apply)
• Safe-T Cert is Included under the Competence of Contractor criteria in the HSA guidelines to the Construction Regulations.
• Gives clients peace of mind – meets clients’ needs to demonstrate assessment of competence.
• ISO:9001 quality accredited.
• A safety certification process in collaboration with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).