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At Archway Roadmaster® we work in partnership with our customers, many of which we have been working with for nearly 30 years. They tell us we are a company that simply gets things done. Our machines are reliable, our team is knowledgeable and always working to ensure we offer the best customer service for wet and dry hire and machinery service and repair. We are a full service provider, offering sale and hire of the Roadmaster® machines, and best in class training, data capture, servicing and support, Archway has dedicated distribution, technical and support expertise always available to our clients.

We work with you to make solving the ongoing pothole problem as easy as possible.

In Mayo we have an extensive road network involving 6,600 KMs. The work of the Archway Velocity Patcher unit is crucial to ensure that we maintain our road network to the highest standard possible. Also, during the resent Covid-19 pandemic, the fact that the unit can be operated by a single operative was instrumental in ensuring that the Council was able to comply with Covid health and safety protocols, including social distancing requirements. The work of the patching unit is highly valued here in Mayo and so much so that we recently purchased an additional unit from Archway Products. We find the level of service from the team at Archway second to none. The public and our Councillors are very interested in the on-going work of the velocity patchers and the Councillors raise with me continuously as to when the unit will be in their area. With the ongoing impact of climate change and the severity of recent extreme weather events our road network is coming under more pressure and the fact that the patching unit can be deployed all year round is pivotal to repairing potholes and other road defects.

March 2022

Tom Gilligan

Director of Services, Mayo County Council

Cork County Council is the largest geographical local authority in Ireland with just over 10% of the entire country’s road network.  Road maintenance is core business, in particular pothole and road edge repairs. Velocity patchers are a vital tool in road operations and Cork County Council has invested in 15 Archway Velocity Patchers that operate all over the county. Using hot tar and chips, these machines provide an excellent permanent repair for potholes and other road defects.  They can be used almost year round and require one man operation with minimum traffic management requirements.  In this latest Covid 19 crisis, our velocity patchers could still be deployed, as social distancing can easily by achieved and it is very safe workplace.  Archway have provided excellent training and guidance on the best use of the velocity patchers for our operations.  We have always found Archway professional and pleasant to deal with and they are always available to help with any issues we may have.

Eileen Coleman

Fleet Manager, Cork County Council

In Clare we are finding the Archway Patching units crucial during the current Covid-19 crisis as they can be operated by a single operative safely from the cab of the lorry to carry out maintenance repairs to potholes or other defects on the road network. We really see the benefit of having the self-loading hi-ab and clamshell on our larger unit where the driver can come into the MD area yards early in advance of other staff and he can load the stone chips and Bitumen using the Archway patching unit without having to operate any other plant or machinery. This is extremely important to combat the spread of this virus and self-distancing from other employees in the work place.

The 7.5 tonne maintenance pickups with the bitumen units fitted with a lance have had to be stood down during current restrictions as they require minimum 3 operatives and we cannot comply with safe distancing requirements in the cab using these smaller patching operations.

The machinery yard in Clare are currently looking forward to receiving our 3rd Archway velocity patching unit to provide the extra capacity required to remove the need for the smaller 7.5 tonne maintenance pickups currently in place.

It is our belief that the Archway units provide a better maintenance repair to the potholes and defects on the public roads and is more productive than the smaller 7.5 tonne pickup and requires less employees to operate resulting in the redeployment of more staff to carry out other essential maintenance to our road network.

Pat Lynch

Clare County Council

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