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   We design and build reliable, cost effective and innovative road maintenance solutions.

We are the designers and manufacturers of best in class road maintenance machinery. We are the inventors of Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patching machine which fixes all types of road defects crazing, cracking, fretting and potholes.

Spray Injection Patching


The Roadmaster® delivers significantly lower cost per tonne compared to both traditional and other velocity patching methods. The capacity of the Roadmaster® allows for a full day of operation – up to 10 tonnes per load of chips and two loads of chips per day.

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Cork County Council is the largest geographical local authority in Ireland with just over 10% of the entire country’s road network.  Road maintenance is core business, in particular pothole and road edge repairs. Velocity patchers are a vital tool in road operations and Cork County Council has invested in 15 Archway Velocity Patchers that operate all over the county. Using hot tar and chips, these machines provide an excellent permanent repair for potholes and other road defects.  They can be used almost year round and require one man operation with minimum traffic management requirements.  In this latest Covid 19 crisis, our velocity patchers could still be deployed, as social distancing can easily by achieved and it is very safe workplace.  Archway have provided excellent training and guidance on the best use of the velocity patchers for our operations.  We have always found Archway professional and pleasant to deal with and they are always available to help with any issues we may have.

Eileen Coleman

Fleet Manager, Cork County Coucil (May 2020)

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