So what are the carbon & whole life cost benefits of Spray Injection Patching? 

The Roadmaster Carbon Calculator helps users estimate the cost and carbon footprint per square meter (M2) based on average travel distances and daily output. 

By adjusting parameters like distances and daily output, users can visualize how changes impact the carbon footprint of their work. 

Roadmaster Carbon Emissions Data:

  • The scope of the carbon emissions calculations is based on Cradle to Practical Completion (Modules A1 to A5) using EN 15804 as the basis.
  • Modules A1 to A3 (Product) includes raw material supply, transport, and manufacturing.
  • Modules A4 and A5 (Construction Process) capture emissions from Transport and Construction/Installation.
  • The conversion factors used are based on the Defra and ICE databases. Roadmaster fuel usage figures have been independently verified.
  • Fuel usage travelling to and from site has been measured separately from fuel used to operate the equipment on site.
  • The carbon calculation methodology used is based on that used in the RSTA Carbon Emissions Report.
  • In accordance with our policy of continuous improvement, we welcome user feedback.

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